Supply Preaching

Dr. Beverly Fulbright, being an ordained minister, serves as an interim minister for churches of any denomination, and for any length of time.  A church can find itself at a crossroad, just like the individuals who are members.

Whether for a vacation, illness, sabbatical or following the resignation of a pastor, Dr. Fulbright can step in to assist your congregation by maintaining your church’s continuity.

An interim minister performs all of the duties usually expected of the pastor.  This could include preaching, member visitations, weddings, funerals or prayer retreats, as well as Christian counseling.

For situations where a pastor’s departure from a church has left the congregation struggling, Dr. Fulbright can also work with a congregation, both as a whole or in small groups, to deal with residual issues to ensure that the congregation will be in a positive place when calling their next settled pastor.

Dr. Beverly Fulbright is available to assist families with or without a church affiliation with the performing of weddings or funerals.

If your church is anticipating a need, or if you have a personal need
for ministerial services, please contact us today.

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